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About Daisy

DAISY is an XML standard that contains text and images and is used by people with vision impairment and with language based reading difficulties like dyslexia. People with vision impairment need audio description of images and tables for the DAISY file to be accessible. The DAISY publisher needs to write these descriptions.

The RHYW DAISY production system has the following features:

  1. We support multiple versions of DAISY books.
    1. DAISY 2.02
  2. There are lot of variations in the implementation of DAISY standard across software and hardware devices. Our extensive research in this area enables us to generate the DAISY files in the following formats to maximize the playback quality and ease of navigation:
    1. Full Text, Full Audio & Full Navigation
    2. Full text, No Audio & Full Navigation
    3. Full text only
  3. Some of the hardware and software readers have different technical requirements, such as limits for the number and size of audio files. We have studied these players and understand the specific file formats required for each player. We have the capability to modify the DAISY output to support each specific player.
  4. We have used the DAISY standard to implement Table of Contents (TOC) for each title, as a separate section, to make it easy for users to navigate.
  5. Using the DAISY standard, we have implemented linking index and endnote entries to the relevant place in the text.
  6. RHYW has systems in place for descriptions of images and has a project to develop new image description tools based on our extensive experience.
  7. “Wind” is a homograph – it can be pronounced as “wind” as in breeze, or as “wind” as in winding a clock. There are the same issues with abbreviations and other words. We have created a sophisticated system to tag the XML in order to overcome the shortcomings of the TTS engines, where it fails to pronounce/describe the following:
    1. Homographs are correctly pronounced
    2. Tables are fully described and made easy for the users to listen and understand
    3. Images are fully described
    4. Mathematical formulas are described
    5. Complex combination of numbers and letters are correctly pronounced
    6. Abbreviations are correctly pronounced
  8. We have developed a system to break up a long string of words into meaningful “chunks” of words to make the audio easier to hear and understand.
  9. We create audio books in MP3 format which can be played on all the common MP3 players. The MP3 versions created by RHYW have all the improvements to the audio files that are listed above.
  10. We have licensed best Text To Speech (TTS) Voices, in both male and female voices, for number of regional accents including US, UK, Australia and India.
  11. There is currently no Digital Rights Management (DRM) implementation in DAISY.