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Flanagan, Martin


Martin Flanagan writes for the Age newspaper and is the author of twelve books, among them "The Call", an imaginative re-construction of the life of Tom Wills, a founder of the game, and "The Last Quarter", a trilogy of his football books.  What people have said about Martin Flanagan's football writing: -  "Martin Flanagan must never be allowed to stop writing football. I say this because he is the only football writer I have read who is so good I think he could nearly describe a heartbeat - and that, if you want to touch the essence of football,  is what you have to do" - Don Watson  "If I'm ever prompted, I have no hesitation in nominating Martin Flanagan as my favorite writer…I only hope I can see the game off the field as well as he does" - Nathan Buckley  "I like Martin's writing, and I know most players do too, because he comes from a different perspective" - James Hird  "The best of Flanagan has a finesse and feeling that no current Australian sports-writer approaches, let alone equals" - Gideon Haigh  "I love his brain" - Kevin Sheedy.

This section contains 2 books
A Wink From the Universe
A Wink From the Universe

US$ 36.99
The Short Long Book
The Short Long Book

US$ 20.99