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Cornwall, Stelman Smith and Judson


DR. JUDSON CORNWALL was a prolific Charismatic Christian author and speaker, best remembered for in-depth teaching on worship and intimacy with God. A third-generation minister, Dr. Cornwall was preaching at the age of 7 during the Depression era and later was regarded as an apostle and pioneer. After starting and pastoring churches in the West, the former Assemblies of God preacher ministered worldwide, preaching, teaching and training ministers and laity of various denominations. Dr. Cornwall has written over 40 books. As a pastor on the West Coast for 30 years, he taught Bible school in the state of Washington and traveled worldwide as a teacher and conference speaker. DR. STELMAN SMITH has been in active ministry since 1969. He has served the body of Christ as a police chaplain, counselor, pastor, and evangelist. Dr. Smith is retired from the police department and is an active Bible teacher and author who enjoys sharing God’s Word with the Body of Christ. His degrees are from Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburg, Indiana.

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The Complete Dictionary of Bible Names
The Complete Dictionary of Bible Names

US$ 24.99