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Washington, Booker T.

Other Names: Booker Taliferro Washington
Born: 5-4-1856 at Franklin County, Va., U.S.
Died: 14-11-1915

Summary of Biography

Eminent African-American reformer, educator and public-speaker. Washington propelled Afro-Americans to strive to fortify themselves through educational realization and economic development. His writings are known for their passionate and vibrant narrative.


Booker T. Washington (1856 - 1915) was an American educator, writer, andblack leader. He was born to a white slave father and a black slave mother in Virginia. Washingtonwas freed in 1865 and became a writer and spokesman for the issues and struggles of African - Americans. Washingtonurged the blacks to improve themselves through education and economic advancement. He wrote several books, including the autobiography Up from Slavery (1901) and My Larger Education (1911).

This section contains 1 books
Up from Slavery
Up from Slavery

US$ 24.99