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Other Names: Francois Marie Arouet
Born: 21-11-1694 at Paris, France
Died: 30-5-1778

Summary of Biography

One of the greatest 18th century French enlightenment writers and philosophers. Voltaire is respected as the most audacious advocate against autocracy, racism, and vindictiveness.


Voltaire was the pseudonym of the French writer, philosopher, essayist, playwright, poet, and satirist Francois Marie Arouet (1694 - 1778). An ardent believer in individual liberty and civil rights, he wrote in support of the social reforms, though his articles were often heavily censored. He was also against the Catholic Church dogma and satirized it through his works. Voltaire's works and ideas greatly influenced the French and American Revolution.

This section contains 3 books
Zadig The Book of Fate
Zadig The Book of Fate

US$ 17.99
Letters on the English
Letters on the English

US$ 19.99

US$ 18.99