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Rousseau, Jean-Jacques

Born: 28-6-1712 at Geneva
Died: 2-7-1778

Summary of Biography

Educationalist, philosopher and musician, Rousseau is the author of several remarkable books and biographies. His political ideas influenced the French Revolution and contributed to the development of the socialist theory.


A philosopher, literary figure, and composer, Jean - Jacques Rousseau(1712 - 1778) was born in Geneva. Left alone at 10, he moved to Paris when he was 16. His ideas and philosophies laid the foundations of the French Revolution and for the liberal and socialist doctrines of Europe. Confessions gave a new turn to the art of autobiography - writing. The Social Contract is his most important work—it deciphers the relationship between man and society.

This section contains 4 books
The Social Contract
The Social Contract

US$ 19.99
A Discourse Upon the Origin of Inequality
A Discourse Upon the Origin of Inequality

US$ 14.99
The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau
The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau

US$ 66.98

US$ 59.98