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Watson, Don

Summary of Biography



Don Watson's RECOLLECTIONS OF A BLEEDING HEART: Paul Keating Prime Minister, won the Age Book of the Year and Non-Fiction Prizes, the Brisbane Courier Mail Book of the Year, the National Biography Award and the Australian Literary Studies Association's Book of the Year. His Quarterly Essay, RABBIT SYNDROME: Australia and America won the Alfred Deakin Essay Prize. DEATH SENTENCE, his best-selling book about the decay of public language won the Australian Booksellers Association Book of the Year 2003. WATSON'S DICTIONARY OF WEASEL WORDS, another best-seller, was published in 2004. His most recent book AMERICAN JOURNEYS won the Age Non-Fiction and Book of the Year Awards in 2008. It also won the inaugural Indie Award for Non-Fiction and the Walkley Award for Non-Fiction.

This section contains 2 books
American Journeys
American Journeys

US$ 29.99
There It Is Again
There It Is Again

US$ 37.99