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Lyall, Edna

Born: 1857 at Brighton, England
Died: 1903

Summary of Biography

Ada Ellen Bayly wrote under the pseudonym of Edna Lyall. Her work is known for the clarity of expression and brilliant characterization. She gave brilliant expressions of life in her work.


Edna Lyall, the pen name of Ada Ellen Bayly (1857 - 1903), was an English novelist and feminist.  She was born in Brighton the youngest of four children of a London barrister. Her father died when she was eleven, and her mother died three years later.  Lyall described her experience of being orphaned later in her famous novel, We Two (1884). She was educated partly at home, at private schools, and by her uncle, and she lived with her married sisters. Her most famous work is In the Golden Days (1885).

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The Autobiography of a Slander
The Autobiography of a Slander

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Derrick Vaughan – Novelist

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