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Krehbiel, Henry Edward

Born: 10-3-1854 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, U. S. A.
Died: 1923

Summary of Biography

Renowned American music critics Kerst and Krehbiel are known for their books on music. Although Krehbiel studied law, he started his professional career as a music critic. He is also known for backing the early musical efforts of Wagner, Brahms and Tchaikovsky


Henry Edward Krehbiel (1854 - 1923) was an American music critic and musicologist. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan to a German clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Krehbiel studied law but worked as a musical critic for Cincinnati Gazette and as amusical editor for the New York Tribune. He also wrote many articles for theNew York Tribune and Scribner's Monthly.  His books include The Technics of Violin Playing (1880) and A Second Book of Operas (1917).

This section contains 2 books

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A Book of Operas
A Book of Operas

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