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Roosevelt, Theodore

Born: 27-10-1858 at Gramercy section of New York City, U. S. A.
Died: 6-1-1919

Summary of Biography

Twenty-sixth President of the United States of America, Roosevelt is also recognized as a historian of high repute. His articles were published in various magazines while his biographies earned him great acclaim.


26th president of the U.S. (1901 - 1909), after his graduation from Harvard, Roosevelt turned to writing history. His first book was The Naval War of 1812 (1882). He won Nobel Peace Prize for his successful intervention in the Russo-Japanese War (1905). Roosevelt's other writing include Winning of the West (1896 - 99), The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses (1900), The New Nationalism (1910) and Theodore Roosevelt, An Autobiography (1913).

This section contains 1 books
Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches
Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches

US$ 19.99