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Tzu, Sun

Other Names: Sun Zi

Summary of Biography

Sun Wu is the great Chinese thinkers of 6th century honored by the name Sun Tzu. He is one of the elemental realists in international relations theory and most often quoted Chinese author in the world.


Sun Tzu (544 - 496 BC), also known as Sun Wu and Chang Qing, was a Chinese General, military strategist, and one of the major authors of ancient China. He was born into a minor aristocracy in Qi State, China. He is best - known for his Chinese military treatise, The Art of War. Sun Tzu was a realist in international relations theory. He was hired to train the army and remained a successful general until his death at the age of 48.

This section contains 1 books
The Art of War
The Art of War

by Sun Tzu

US$ 14.99