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Duncan, John


John Duncan was born and educated in Australia, and has had a distinguished career as an engineer in industry and later in tertiary education. After practical training in manufacturing in USA and Australia, he pursued postgraduate work in the UK and was appointed a professor of mechanical engineering in Canada and subsequently in New Zealand. Since retirement, his life has been divided between a small farm near Auckland and research in automotive manufacturing at the University of Michigan, USA, and Deakin University, Australia. He has restored a number of historic vehicles and owns a 1918 Model T tourer built by his grandfather's company, Duncan & Fraser Ltd., which assembled and built bodies for Model T Fords in Adelaide from 1909 to 1927.

This section contains 2 books
Cricket Wonderful Cricket
Cricket Wonderful Cricket

US$ 24.99
Any Color - So Long As It's Black
Any Color - So Long As It's Black

US$ 32.99