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Josephus, Flavius

Born: 38
Died: 100

Summary of Biography

Jewish historian and scholar, Josephus' work contains priceless accounts of the Jewish revolt (AD 66-70) and earlier Jewish history.


Yosef Ben Matityahu (37 - 100 AD) was called Flavius Josephus by virtue of being a Roman citizen. A descendant of Jewish priestly aristocracy, he was impressed by the court of Rome and remained there. Against the Jewish revolt at its inception, Josephus joined the movement when it gained force and momentum. His works contains priceless information about the Jewish revolt of 66 - 70 AD as well as earlier Jewish history. His writings provide a link between the religious legacy of the Bible and the material world of Rome.

This section contains 2 books
The Wars of the Jews
The Wars of the Jews

US$ 73.98
Against Apion
Against Apion

US$ 17.99