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Natural-Born Intuition
Natural-Born Intuition (Large Print)
How to Awaken and Develop Your Inner Wisdom
by Lauren Thibodeau Ph.D.
Publisher New Page Books
Published on: 11 June 2009
Categories Mind Body Spirit, Self Help
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Our Price: US$24.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781427098726
Editorial Reviews

  • “…one of the most informative guide books on intuition I have ever read. It is chuck full of natural wisdom.” —James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium
  • “…with many unique features, provides the credentials for your natural born intuition, preparing you to follow your hunches to a fulfilling future.” —Henry Reed, author of The Intuitive Heart
  • “…Buy this book and begin the adventure of trusting your intuition. It will guide you to a live you love.” —Lynn A. Robinson, author of Divine Intuition

About the Book
Even so, this book is designed to make the inward journey less daunting by helping you understand yourself better. Through a series of self-tests (appraisals, really, because you can't fail), you'll determine your natural-born intuitive style. You'll learn your natural intuitive strengths and weaknesses. You'll learn your key values and how they interact with your natural intuitive style. You'll learn how those two elements - your natural intuitive style and your deeply held values - can launch you into that center of deeply guided inner wisdom, what I call the Knowing Zone. From there, you'll learn how to use a simple process called the Four Corners of Knowing to assess any decision both intuitively and analytically. That process ensures that you use both your creative right-brain hemisphere and your logical left-brain hemisphere.
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