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Cover Image: Anti-Fat Nutrients (Large Print)
Anti-Fat Nutrients (Large Print)
Safe and Effective Strategies for Increasing Metabolism, Controlling Appetite, and Losing Fat in 15 Days
by Dallas Clouatre
Publisher Basic Health Publications, Inc.
Published on: 14 December 2009
Categories Family, Health & Fitness
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Our Price: US$24.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781458747808
Editorial Reviews

·        Safe and effective strategies for increasing metabolism, controlling appetite, and losing fat in 15 days

About the Book
Weight Loss Is Easy, Fat Loss Is Not A successful diet does much more than simply take off unwanted pounds - it helps you feel good and look good. And it is permanent. This is because it includes making changes in body composition and metabolism that increase the body's ability to burn calories. These changes do not depend upon a large reduction in the calories consumed, but upon minor modifications in the foods eaten and upon the addition of a small number of supplements to the diet. The result is a decrease in fatty tissue and an increase in the ratio of lean muscle tissue to adipose (fat) tissue in the body. Such a change is psychologically satisfying because lean tissue not only burns calories, but also gives women their shapely figures and men their muscle tone. In any successful weight-loss program, you should be able to judge yourself by your mirror rather than by your bathroom scale! Anti-Fat Nutrients provides do-it-yourself alternatives to empower dieters to achieve their ideal weight on their own. Using scientifically supported research, Anti-Fat Nutrients: Explains how and why the body gains and loses weight, and the critical role fat plays in the process.; Explores new directions in the study of weight control, and details the important contributions that vitamins, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, and other nutrients can make to dieters' lives.; Provides in-depth information on key nutritional supplements and the ways in which they facilitate weight loss and at what potencies.; Contains the ''Core Anti-Fat Nutrient Weight-Loss Program,'' a simple food-based approach to weight loss that can be used in combination with anti-fat supplements to maximize results, or as a template for designing your own anti-fat weight-loss plan.; Covers the basic elements of food and sound nutrition and offers dietary guidelines to help accelerate the weight-loss process.
About the Author
Dallas Clouatre' Ph.D.' has spent many years in the extensive study of both Western and Asian healing traditions. He has taught at the University of California at Berkeley' and now consults for major nutritional firms in the United States' Europe' and Asia. He is the author of eight books' including the most recent The Prostate Miracle' and is a frequent contributor to academic - ' business - ' and consumer - oriented health publications.
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