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The Summer of Kicks
The Summer of Kicks (Large Print)
by Dave Hackett
Publisher University Queensland Press
Published on: 03 October 2014
Categories Gay/Lesbian, Fiction, Junior & Teen Fiction
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Our Price: US$24.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781459687363
About the Book
An accidental band. A record store. A pair of shoes and two perfect girls. This is going to be one hell of a summer. Starrphyre is your average dorky 16 - year - old, although with one difference. He has a very weird girly name, thanks to his hippy parents - a live - to - air radio sex therapist mum and a bass player dad from a tragic one - hit - wonder 80s metal band. A long hot summer stretches ahead of Starrphyre and all he wants is one date with his dream girl, Candace McAllister. But how can he get her to notice him when she's the star of every other high - school guys' fantasies? Perhaps starting a band with his video - game obsessed pals will do the trick.
About the Author
Dave Hackett (Cartoon Dave) is currently seen each week on Channel Eleven's Toasted TV and Channel Seven's It's Academic. Dave's many other television appearances include Saturday Disney, ABC's Creature Features, Totally Wild, a shark - infested TEXTA TV commercial, dozens of appearances as Live Cartoonist on Network Ten's cheeZ tv, and Good Morning Australia. Dave has presented to over 130,000 children in schools and libraries, and has been a popular speaker at numerous teacher/librarian conferences and literature festivals across the country. He has written six instructional cartooning books and is also the creator of the UFO - Unavoidable Family Outing novel series (all 3 books included in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge); Sumo Granny Smackdown; Norman Enormous; Hamilton's Handstand, and recently co - created The Bum Book.
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