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Juice it! Blend it!
Juice it! Blend it! (Large Print)
Transform Your Health One Drink at a Time
by Lisa Craven
Publisher Exisle Publishing
Published on: 03 November 2015
Categories Cooking, Food & Drink, Family, Health & Fitness
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Our Price: US$26.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781458766410
About the Book
This is the complete reference guide to incorporating plant foods into your everyday diet. Juice enthusiast Lisa Craven clearly and simply outlines the six Ws of juicing: who should juice, what you should put in your juice, where you should juice, when you should juice, why you should juice, and which type of juicer or blender to purchase. Facts and fun tips are combined with fabulous recipes designed to target specific needs, ranging from afternoon pickmeups to stress busters.
About the Author
Lisa Craven is a juice devotee from New York City. She developed her passion for juicing eight years ago when she decided she needed a winefree night and instead tried a green juice. She's never looked back! Lisa is passionate about wellbeing and keeping life in balance. With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent, Lisa is a life coach, yoga teacher and a champion for wellness in the workplace. Now resident in Sydney, Australia, she returns regularly to the US.
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