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Outsmart Waste
Outsmart Waste (Large Print)
The Modern Idea of Garbage and How to Think Our Way Out of It
by Tom Szaky
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Published on: 17 December 2015
Categories Home & Gardening, Nature
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Our Price: US$18.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781458767769
About the Book
Ever - expanding landfills, ocean gyres filled with floating plastic mush, endangered wildlife. Our garbage has become a massive and exponentially growing problem in modern society. Eco - entrepreneur Tom Szaky explores why this crisis exists and explains how can we solve it by eliminating the very idea of garbage. To outsmart waste, he says, we first have to understand it, then change how we create it, and finally rethink what we do with it. By mimicking nature and focusing on the value inherent in our by - products, we can transform the waste we can't avoid creating from useless trash to a useful resource. Szaky demonstrates that there is value in every kind of garbage, from used chewing gum to juice pouches to cigarette butts. After reading this mind - expanding book, you will never think about garbage the same way again.
About the Author
Tom Szaky is the founder and CEO of TerraCycle (, an innovative and award - winning global recycling company that makes typically nonrecyclable waste recyclable in over twenty - four countries around the world. Globally, over 60 million people participate in TerraCycle's programs.
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