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Whisperings in the Blood
Whisperings in the Blood (Large Print)
A Memoir
by Shelley Davidow
Publisher University Queensland Press
Published on: 04 April 2016
Categories Biography & Autobiography
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Our Price: US$32.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781458737182
About the Book
An exquisite, compelling story of courage, destiny and the search for home Lithuania, 1913. Haunted by memories of the pogroms, Jacob Frank leaves his village in the hope of a better life, and boards a ship bound for New York. Twenty - five years later, his daughter Bertha sets sail for South Africa to marry a man she has never met, unaware of the tumult that lies ahead. In time, her granddaughter Shelley, following those very steps in reverse, flees the violence of apartheid to live in America, before at last finding home in Australia. These immigrant voyages, repeated from one generation to the next, form the heart of this richly layered memoir. Drawing on her grandmother's diary and letters, Shelley Davidow tells her family's stories in vivid detail, recounting their experiences of love and loss alongside her own. As she learns about the past, Shelley discovers that her aspirations and fears, her dreams and nightmares, echo those of her forebears as ancestral whisperings in the blood. Spanning four continents and one hundred years, this extraordinary book explores the heartache and emotional legacies of those who leave their homelands forever.
About the Author
Shelley Davidow is originally from South Africa and the author of 39 books. She grew up in a bi - racial family at the height of Apartheid. She left South Africa as a young adult, just as her writing began to take off with the publication of her first, award - winning young adult novel, Freefalling. Over the past two decades, she has lived and worked on 5 continents, searching for home, which she has finally found on Australia's East Coast. Her most recent book is Raising Stress - Proof Kids.
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