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Crazy Busy Guilty
Crazy Busy Guilty (Large Print)
by Lauren Sams
Publisher Black Inc. Publishing
Published on: 22 February 2017
Categories Comedy & Humour, Fiction
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Our Price: US$29.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781525241673
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About the Book
There's life Before Baby and life After Baby. Any idiot knows that. I knew that. Except I didn't know what life After Baby would really be like . . . Georgie Henderson is having a bad year. As a new - working - mum, she strives to be Sheryl Sandberg at work and Martha Stewart at home. But she's discovering that in the twenty-first century being a Good Working Mum means answering emails at midnight while you purée vegetables and line up play dates and French lessons for your four-month-old daughter. Georgie's ex, Jase, gets 100 per cent of the credit for 5 per cent of the work, and her best friend, Nina, is on a 'self-discovery' journey that involves a 25-year-old bartender and a plan to become an artisanal florist. And all Georgie's mum wants is for Georgie to find a man. Preferably the one who is the father of her child . . .
About the Author
Lauren Sams is the author of She's Having Her Baby and Crazy Busy Guilty. She is a writer whose work has appeared in ELLE, marie claire, Cosmopolitan, Good Food, delicious, Sunday Style and Daily Life. She lives in Sydney with her husband, daughter and two dogs.
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