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Robert Briggs Associates

Founded in 1972, Robert Briggs Associates is a loose-knit group of West Coast consultants to writers and small publishers. The Association has been involved in the publication of a variety of nonfiction: Rolling Thunder by Doug Boyd and Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer, Kenneth R. Pelletier’s classic book on stress, as well as works by Joseph Campbell, Stanislav Grof, Colin Wilson, and Theodore Roszak. In 2004, Tea and Ceremony: Experiencing Tranquility was published and, in 2006, Ruined Time: the 1950s and the Beat, a cultural autobiography of the Great Depression, World War II and the 1950s was added to the list.

In 1995, Robert Briggs Associates became involved in various multimedia projects including jazz and poetry CDs, reads by Robert Briggs accompanied on saxophone by Stuart Fessant. These include Poetry in the 1950s (1999), Someone Said No (2003), and My Own Atom Bomb (2005). In 2008, the company launched Jazz and Poetry and Other Reasons, a project of three reads based on the book Ruined Time that are accompanied by local Portland jazz musicians. The first – Opus One: The Beat Goes On was successfully performed at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, a Portland theater, in November of 2007. Opus Two: Romance in America and Opus Three: Zen and the Kerouac Curse, are still in progress.
Books By Robert Briggs Associates
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Tea and Ceremony
Tea and Ceremony

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US$ 36.99