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Print formats

  • Large Print Formats
  • SuperLarge Formats
  • Special Print Formats
  • Personalized Print Formats
  • Readable English

Reading-Optimized Large Print Formats

Our Reading-Optimized Large Print format has been designed to make reading easier for all kinds of readers. The Reading-Optimized Large Print books have been optimized to improve both word recognition and ease of eye tracking by adjusting word and line spacing. Line spacing has been increased to stop the eye moving to adjacent lines, but is still close enough for the line above and below to be used as an eye tracking guide. End-of-line hyphenation has been minimized.

Reading-Optimized Super Large Formats

Our Reading-Optimized Super Large Formats have been designed to make reading easier for people with a broad range of vision issues. The Super Large books are available in:

Special Print Formats - Coming Soon

Our Special Print Formats have been designed to make reading easier for readers with dyslexia, macular degeneration, and other vision issues that make eye tracking harder.

The Custom Character Discrimination Pattern distinguishes between letters by making them stand out from similarly shaped letters: e and o, mirrored letters like b and d, or stemmed and unstemmed letters like h and n. This format is offered as a Custom Format as the character discrimination issues faced by a reader are usually specific to that individual

The Word Pattern Edition is optimized for readers who need help differentiating between words or to track their eyes across a line. This pattern adds extra visual information about word order, and makes it harder for readers to swap the order of adjacent words.

Personalized Print Formats - Coming Soon

Imagine being able to make a book exactly how you want to read it. Read How YouWant’s Personalized Print Formats will allow you to choose the following parameters:

  • Book Size
  • Font Family
  • Font Size
  • Line Spacing
  • Word Spacing
  • Character Spacing
  • You can even add a dedication or special message

Readable English Formats - Coming Soon

Readable English makes English words phonetic without changing the spelling.

Readable English allows a reader to sound out a word in his or her head simply by sounding out the characters. If the reader cannot sound out a word in his or her head, the word will not be understood.